Being Human

A developing series of casual portraits in the process of being human. Nothing abstract, just looking for some soul.



Jeff is a very colorful man I met at a coffee shop in Chelsea, New York City. He eats lunch there regularly every day.


Anonymous 2

I noticed this anonymous woman hand-making traditional Taiwanese dumplings in Chinatown. All types of transactions in New York City.


Anonymous 3

Anonymous woman at a rally for Bernie Sanders in Long Island City, NY, in the fall of 2019.


Anonymous 4

This anonymous woman was participating in the Reclaim Pride March, in NYC, Summer, 2019.


Romio Shrestha

Romio Shrestha is a modern master of the Indo-Nepali-Tibetan Buddhist traditions of enlightenment art, whom I encountered chanting on my block.



Hani is a sidewalk artist, whom I captured chalk drawing in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.


Lenn Johnston

Lenn Johnston is a musician and activist channeling the spirit of John Lennon, performing here in Strawberry Field, Central Park, New York City.


Enrique Enriquez

Enrique Enriquez is s Tarot Poet and author residing in Chelsea, New York City, whom I met walking on my block.


Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley is a writer and activist whom I met on social media, and finally in person. She kindly allowed me to photograph her.


Adjua Ajamu

I found Adjua Ajamu busking in Union Square Park, in New York City. A true bluesman.


Mark Sisk

Mark Sisk is a retired Episcopal priest, and breeder of Dexter Cattle in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. He’s also my father-in-law.


Galen Todd

Galen Todd is an exciting modern and pop art painter residing in South Florida.


Jason Stern

Jason Stern is the mastermind/magician behind Chronogram, a cultural magazine covering New York’s Hudson Valley.