Photographer as Witness

Being a photographer is to communicate witnessed experience that sparks curiosity for the viewer’s inspiration. If a picture truly says ‘a thousand words,’ the photographer has a wide palette from which to communicate beyond language. My approach to photography is to create an evocative image from ordinary, often mundane scenes.

My first epiphany as witness came in the mid-70’s, while shooting the North World Trade Center tower, as seen from an upper floor of the Southern tower. As I witnessed the setting sun in the reflection of the glass, there was a desire to evoke the moment to the world beyond my own eyes.

Contextually, my areas of focus are Conceptual, a series of photographs based on a connecting thought. Documentary, which includes photojournalism and everyday street life, and Portrait photography, creative exploration and appreciation of the human face. The role of witness here is central for magic to occur.

I was trained in commercial photography at the Germain School of Photography, NYC, 1979-1981.

Please browse my Galleries and Photo Books for a window into my work. Most images are available as reproductions, in various sizes and mountings. Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries about my work.

Craig Gordon, photographer