The image is from my developing “I Am Mannequin” photo essay, captured the day before Christmas, in Palm Beach, Florida.

Over the past year I’ve been shooting mannequins, trapped behind plate glass windows, reflection intact, to demonstrate the dehumanizing impacts of wage labor during this late stage of capitalism. All dressed up, but not invited to the party. The idea is to fuse beautiful images with the exploitation of most hourly wage work in America. I’m composing essays now to accompany the images to flesh out the story.

While I thought my hunt for reflective mannequin images was complete weeks ago, I decided to make a few trips back to Worth Avenue, whose windows feature the most beautiful mannequins I’d seen compared to South Florida’s fanciest main drags. The Christmas holiday windows didn’t disappoint, providing me some of the best imagery of the series.

For this image, I had wonderful timing of an exquisitely adorned mannequin, but also the benefit of a perfect reflection of trees, sky and the streetscape. As with every image, I do whatever is necessary in Photoshop, while keeping the intent of the image intact. I want the viewer to see what I saw.

Sharing and Reproductions

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