Pandemic: the unmasking of America | e-Book


A photo-documentary book in three scenes

by Craig Gordon

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Pandemic: the unmasking of America is a photo-documentary paying witness as the coronavirus pandemic blanketed New York during the Spring of 2020, through the lens of, New York-based photographer and writer, Craig Gordon.

Praise for the book…

“The failed state was fully revealed in 2020 as the nation experienced a pandemic,
economic collapse, and mass protest. Craig Gordon beautifully captures the
contradictions that came to life in a tumultuous year.”
–Margaret Kimberley, author, Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents

“The blues is the naked cry of the human heart longing to be in union with God.
 With this work, Craig Gordon gives that cry a face.”
–Dion DiMucci, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer

“That Craig Gordon finds so much beauty and strength in America during this
devastating viral pandemic is reason enough to hope that some good will come
out of it.”
–Marion Nestle, professor emerita, New York University, and author of Food

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