The Flashing Muse: I make art for my health

If you know me personally, you might remember that it was just a year ago when I was dealing with a fresh cancer diagnosis, and about to enter treatment. These days, with one-in-three Americans facing similar karma, cancer is no longer a rarity, but a strange and perverse right-of-passage. And whatever the differences in diagnosis and outcome, come face-to-face with cancer and you are changed. I was changed. To paraphrase recently passed Ram Dass, I don’t wish you my suffering, but I wish you the grace and love my suffering awarded me.

world trade center

World Trade Center, 1978

How grace and love appeared for me was in the permission to self-identify as an artist. All my adult life I hid behind various sales/business personas, never fully fulfilled. Not for the lack of trying! For the past twenty years, I attempted self-actualization through writing commentary about American culture, health and politics, offering a transformational perspective on our overly transactional society. While I never earned a cent from effort, it was a life-changing exercise. I had something to say, and formulated a voice to say it.

Then I got sick. Everything needed to change if I was to transform. I made a deal, with the Divine. I was to be true to myself in order to be whole. So I make art for my health. And I make art to move, inspire and delight. I still have something to say, but using visual art as my voice this time.

The essential nature of my work is to elevate ordinary street scenes into vibrant and spectacular, multidimensional imagery. I use light and reflection to create a multi-layered illusion within a single layer. Transforming the mundane into the magnificent, when it works.

My themes are never predetermined, but the result of some other inspiration that draws me into its web. It requires a suspension of reality, whereby my mind is able to dwell in the mystery. Sometimes lightning strikes. When it does, I’ve followed the spark wherever it leads, which is seen in my themed series of work, if you navigate to the left. I invite you to browse around, and feel free to reply to me with any feedback or impressions.

Ready for prime time

After a few years of evolution, I’m proud to announce that two of my themed series are ready for presentation to galleries for showings and representation.

dotsDots on Broadway
The inspiration for the series comes from the white “safety” dots affixed to the plexiglass New York City bus shelters. I walked into it while strolling uptown on Broadway one day. The three-sided shelters provided an opportunity to see multiple layers and scenes in a single view. The series has evolved over the past two years to the point I’m calling it complete, and looking for gallery showings. View series here

space shuttlePinball Wizardry
This series found me while cruising a South Florida pinball hall one day. While I’d played my share of pinball as a teen, it had been years since I’d seen so many cool games in one place. It didn’t take long to find an abstract take on the bright and colorful lights and artwork, so specific to pinball machines. Also two years in the making, this series is ready for prime time. View series here

Supporting the arts


Like Joni from Los Angeles, who recently purchased a 16″ x 20″ metal reproduction of my Captain Fantastic pinball image, you too can adorn your wall with my imagery. Said Joni, “I love it. It is in my library and I’ve gotten so many compliments. It’s so alive, I feel like I have my own pinball machine in the room!”

The cost for reproductions of any of my images (excluding portraits) starts at $450 for 16″ x 20″ mounted to metal or acrylic, for a sharp, contemporary look. See Purchase page for more info. And see my new line of apparel below.

Flash-G Apparel: the crossroads of art+fashion.

I’m thrilled to share my new line of apparel, featuring vibrant, eye-catching photography. While there’s no shortage of graphic tees on the market, I’m certain my designs are beyond anything you’ve seen. Available in unisex, women’s and kid’s styles, these tees make a perfect gift!

All designs are on sale, with free shipping in the U.S. It’s time to get hip. What are you waiting for?